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WE Are Having A Xmas Party!

Jus Muzik Radio is having a Christmas party Sunday December 17 2023. If you read the blog you will see it here first! Will not be posted on social media until after Thanksgiving so you heard it here first, right here on Jus Muzik Radio. We always believe in family so our JMR Festival Residents will be bringing in the tunes just right. Soundtrack of the Day By: FoxXxy, Wil Jakz, Daryll Mellowman, Reg McClain, Dion Bracken. We are celebrating at THE FAMILY PLACE 8010 S Stony Island/Chicago 4P-11P. This event is FREE. We ask you to please bring toys, clothes, whatever your heart desires for the less unfortunate. We also take donations that will go to The Salvation Army, every year, JMR collects for the Children and the Homeless. Lets show we care. Thank You So Much. See You There! Peace & Blessings...

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