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Jus Muzik W/FoxXxy has MOVED!!!

Sooo FoxXxy has been invited to do her show as a residency at THEE BEAUTY BAR here in Chicago & she is excited!! Bringing some of the best talent in to know even better right?! Starting BI WEEKLY November 6 2022 Jus Muzik W/ FoxXxy LIVE @ THEE BEAUTY BAR 810 E 43rd Street/Chicago. Show time 3P-7P CST. Guest Kicking it off will be Dave Maze (D& E Edits) & DJ Boggie Nite (Greedy Baby Records). After the show there will be an after set with FoxXxy & future guest TBA Bi Weekly. So Tune In!!! Or Come sit in on the show. Great music will be played. FOLLOW US!!! If you are reading this click LIVE HERE or FOLLOW US ON TWITCH!

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