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Jus Muzik W/FoxXxy 13 Year & KING DAY Celebration

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! ITS 2023!!!! Hello everyone! We are Super proud to celebrate such a great time. Jus Muzik W/ FoxXxy will be celebrating 13 years doing this music show. The Actual date is January 18 2010, 13 years ago a FoxXx was started. It went from one stage to another and now we are here and continuing to grow on it OWN platform. Black & proud we are celebrating also King Day it is such a honor and humbleness because if it wasn't for Dr King A Black woman would not be able to make her dreams come true. You could not move around in a such a way then as we Black people or shall we say " Afro Americans" do now. It is appreciated so much. Our sound track of the day are by some great men who know their music and TUUUUUNNNES WILL BE PLAYED. Reg McClain, Wil Jakz, Tim McAlister, Dave Maze, & a "Special Guest". We will be LIVE @ THEE BEAUTY BAR 810 E 43RD STREET/BRONZEVILLE/CHICAGO, Starting @ 2PCST. COME SIT IN & CELEBRATE WITH FOXXXY! TUNE IN!!! FOLLOW US! RIGHT HERE ON THE SITE OR TWITCH!! OR Thank you for your many years of continued support it is SO greatly appreciated. Peace & Blessings to everyone as we start a WONDERFUL New Year!

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