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It was EVERYTHING! Sunday July 25 2021 was a Super Sunday Funday! The Park was filled with Happy Happy Joy Joy! FoxXxy was beat but everything went wonderfully. Had a few mishaps, No video, not many pics had an issue with photographer but not next year! We will stream LIVE & have proper photos. One DJ didnt show up & we had DJ Sugahh take that persons place. She is a new up & coming hot SheJay here in Chicago that plays an awesome set. Stay tuned for her around the city (Stephanie Judkins). We also added Voc Walters who gave a great set. He is one of many talents here in Chicago that kicked things off greatly. Awards were given to 2 beautiful men Titan Davis & Kheperah Ray for both making JUS MUZIK RADIO logo brands. There is a red one that is used on this website & their is a new black one. These 2 super talented men branded this site & needed to be recognized for their great contribution to JUS MUZIK RADIO's brand. We Thank you so much. Thank you to all the DJ's that played awesome sets, DJ BoXX for that hot azz Hip Hop Set. He had the park on fire! Loved it! Dion B, Dave Maze, Daryll Mellowman, (That Michael Jackson! Fiyah), Noshaluv setting the day off lovely! Rahaan, Ron Carroll Closing it out but really Wil Jakz "Sipping On A Sunday", The music was great! Our Host Miss Javette Hines did a Super Awesome Great Job! ANGEL A your voice lit up the park! She roared cutely of course & it was her birthday! She was presented with a cake & gifts while she was performing and she kept on singing! thats what Im talking about! To the Ladies that worked the JMR Shop area YOU ROCK! This will be an annual event where JMR will always continue to give back to the community with great DJS & artist as well as food & apparel giveaways. We feel that if you give Love to the community and show you care you will get the love back 10 fold. Community is everything! Without it what would we do? Where would we be? We thank all that attended, it was a SUPER great turn out & was so greatly appreciated that you spent your day with us. Stay tuned next year, it will be in a new area, with more vendors, and great entertainment. Peace & Blessings to all.... <3

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