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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

As with anything sometimes things can get a little hectic but everything turned out EXCELLENT! Want to give some quick shouts! 1st I want to thank Javette Hines & Maria Heard for being such gracious host at "The OUTFIT", it was everything! Javette the interview was great you just took over and I had no worries thank you so much you will never even understand how much. Jamal Cooper for always being that supportive friend love you so much. Loni House for saving a sister life! Thank you! It was everything! Latanya Lee/TC the cake & the shirts were a hit boo! Keep on my sister! YA DIG! DJ BoXX, My XX! You are Super Dope Hotness! Came on in smooth as butta and took over. I thank you, I appreciate you, Much Love! My Drexide Brothers, Ivory , Sean, & Jeff thank you for your support it means so much. Love you! My sister Danielle Lee, My true ride or die Little sister, thank you for being there it meant so much. I Love You! #SistersLove Dennis aka "Booda Man", I received what you said, A REAL Aries moment, you know how we are we Love hard. Noshaluv/Emir Lyons thank you lil sis for your CONSTANT encouraging words, I Love You! Thank you to everyone that came in & out through out the evening bringing their congrats of joy I loved it & you. The audience participation part was LIT! LMAO!! We toasted to a NEW day! JUS MUZIK RADIO, To The Future & Beyond!!!

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