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It has been awhile since we blogged and we are so sorry and promise to do better. So to catch you up in this one post real quick we will throw up past events and continue where we left off. Busy bees we are and there is so much in store for the future. LIVE shows will be back in the Fall of 2022 right here on the station. We have been doing "Twitch" which seems to be the "thing" these days but some of our viewers want to be back on the website so we will broadcast here & Twitch in the up coming future. If anyone is interested in doing a show

please leave a message in the chat and someone will get right back to you. We are looking for Music Shows (DJs), Cooking, Health & Beauty, Sports, and Love & Relationships. In this day and time Music is key along with what we do in life so stay tuned you might find a show you love.

OK We brought the New Year in always celebrating KING Birthday, along with our 12 Year Anniversary JUS MUZIK "The Show" (January 18, 2010) which started EVERYTHING, celebrating FoxXXy in her 12 years of doing audio/video internet LIVE streaming. We had a full musical day into the evening of nothing but great music from some of our favorite people Co Partner/Owner Wil Jakz, Noshaluv, Daryll Mellowman, & Tim McAlister. It was a great time. Now its March and FoxXxy celebrated her 53rd Birthday, Jus Muzik W/FoXxy and guest on Sundays always had the FoxXx Layer on tilt (people sitting in on the show). Also FoxXxy had a small celebration @ The Lodge. I told you this one post will catch you up! lol! Now going into April & May we streamed LIVE in Brooklyn, New York & FoxXxy DJ BoXX and Wil Milton did a set for Javette Hines Birthday (Ja 'Re Management & Host of last years Music Fest). Happy Birthday Javette Hines. We Celebrated Noshaluv birthday in May always a great time. Happy Birthday Noshaluv. There was a "Sip & Paint" also in May. We were trying to stream a show in that location but it was down. Guest for that day was DJ Breathlezz & Showcasing Voc Walters. And last but not least JUNE! It hot outside and We are busy! The beautiful Paris Cesvette (DJ/Producer) came to Chicago to visit from the UK. Wonderful set @ The Lodge For Cheez birthday. Cheez (UDM Universal Dance Music) always throw some of the best parties as well. Happy birthday Cheez! I know you see The Lodge alot. Thats the spot. Whenever you come to Chicago check out the Lodge. They are always having something going on with great music ;)

JUNE has been busy. We celebrate birthdays and the next celebration was our sister Erica Kane (D & E Edits). She was literally given her flowers with goodies to match. Happy 55th EK! Then there was the House Music Camp Out where we stay all day and night outside. Music went to 4 in the morning. The energy was so pleasant. Cant wait til next year. A collab of people put that event together Reggie Corner, Blisco, Wynell Gray, excellent. Now its time to celebrate Our very own Wil Jakz 50th Birthday again @ The Lodge/Chicago 5108 S Praire, Owner Craig Loftis (shameless plug). Sounds for that evening were DJ Emanual , Duane Powell, Craig Loftis. Happy 50th Wil Jakz!

Now its STILL JUNE and its that time for Dion Bracken's Birthday BBQ, that time of the year when everyone gets together and celebrate our CROWD PLEASER. Great music all day. Always always a good time. Happy Birthday Dion! And last but never least its Fathers Day and Juneteenth. Juneteenth is now a national holiday. It is like our own 4th of July but its in June, June 19 2022 is history for all African Americans. It has always been celebrated in the South & to see it NOW being recognized after all these years is truly coming to pass. Wonderful. Just wonderful. We at Jus Muzik Radio believe in history and education. This day is so important. Not only did we celebrate Juneteenth but we celebrated the Fathers. Afro American/Black Fathers. Both together was beautiful and to be remembered forever June 19th 2022. Thats it for now. Hope You enjoy the pics they are from start to finish, Jan to June 2022. We are now kind of caught up. Stay Tuned More to come....


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